8 Aspects of High Performance Culture

High Performance Culture is driven by these eight aspects. All of them serve to build thriving communities and results that speak for themselves.

Our Unique Approach to Training: The G.R.E.A.T Training System©

Services and Solutions

We know there are many challenges that face businesses today. With an ever increasing demand for transparency, ratings on company culture affecting the talent you can attract and the fast paced, competitive nature of the market, many companies find a traditional strategy isn’t getting them to the space they aspire to be in.

We have expertise in what makes a group of people work well together. Why people adopt ideas and behaviours, how to create exponential change (by adding learning dynamics into daily actions) but most importantly we know how to spot the hazards in the system which are preventing you and your organisation from being aligned, with a strong respected identity and a culture which is attractive to the top talent pool.

All of our programs are designed so that companies can benefit both in the short and long term.

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Next Generation Leadership Training

60% of executives fail within the first 18 months of being promoted…

Cultural Alignment: Integrity Infusion

Less than half of companies are 80% aligned with goals.

Innovative Culture Overhaul

54% of innovating organizations struggle with innovation strategy and business strategy.

Inclusion & Diversity Reality Check

Inclusive companies enjoy 2.3x higher cash flow

Accountability Remodel

70% of all transformations fail

Cultural Assessment & Plan

Deciding where you want to go, assess where you are and plan…
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Culture Coders – The Manifesto

We are visionaries, revolutionaries, dreamers, creators, inventors and adventure seekers...

Mediocre is not going to have us... we will fight the monster; tame the world we live in, so that WE can THRIVE!

We are curators of company - selecting the right people, the right environment and the right values to take us from Mission Accepted to Mission Accomplished!

We voice our opinions and provide spaces for others to join the conversation.

We will never be satisfied, but we will remember to bask in the moment.

We are builders of community, storytellers of history, weavers of emotions, leaders by action, captivators of imagination and instigators of change.

Will you stand by and be mediocre or are you one of us?


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