Data Driven

Research & experimentation are key to keeping an innovative and quality product or service. your data needs to be a key focus. you need data and research on your market, your products/services, your team and your processes. How effective are you being? How can you improve and strive for an even better future?

Some great examples:

Nike experiments with materials and designs of It’s shoes, the aim being to master the perfect shoe for an athlete in a particular setting.

Google allows for innovative groups to chase ideas within business hours and using company resources. This experimentation and competition keep Google’s innovation multi-pronged and as an organisation it has the opportunity to endorse the best-designed company, product or solution at a date that suits them.

Culture Codex is research driven. Each of our sources are rigorously checked and discussed. New studies and ideas keeps us continually rewriting and designing modules so that you have the most efficient, state of the art program.

How do you keep innovating, researching and growing? There is a common idea that the best CEO’s read 60 books a year – do you read? Does your team?