Shoshana Jones-Resnik

Founder, Bookworm & Educator

The wittiest of the dynamic duo! The Peter Pan of the Lost Boys! The Cosima of the Clone Club!

Shoshana is the brains behind the entire operation and the beating heart that drives this company.

Originally from Australia, she has traveled the globe to bring together her infinite wisdom and caring nature to create Culture Codex. Her kind and warmhearted nature is one of her many wonderful qualities that brings joy and giggles to the office and the workshops she has led, making her the best person to talk to about all things human.

— Let’s get to the more serious side of the story!—-

In 2007 Shoshana graduated from high school, and there were all the options ahead of her. Like most Aussies who can, she packed a bag and went off to explore the world for a few months. Her naivety got her lost more than several times and she made it back home only by pure chance and thanks to several helpful strangers.

First up, she comes from a family of overachievers, and a large one at that. The best part of this is that other people get involved with projects and then suddenly you realise you’re right in the thick of things and you best get to work or life will pass you by. When family members volunteer in the family; to maybe organise several 100 volunteers for a two-day event, or to deliver speeches on any random topic. Skills are found and gained, deep conversations breaking down what works and doesn’t work become everyday events and most of all you experience teams in more varieties than the average bear.  

Here are some teams Shoshana has been on:

  • Incredibly creative drama groups,
  • Tech Crews (you know, the guys who run lights and sounds for shows – they are the ninjas of the performance world),
  • Volunteer Teams at conferences,
  • Security Teams who protect high risk events,
  • The reception team at the craziest physiotherapists in Melbourne
  • Logistics Teams (sending out several hundred volunteers at london pride for one),
  • Tour Groups (who doesn’t like travel and learning?)
  • The team that fine tunes performances, gives you feedback and courage before you deliver speeches
  • The Founding Team of a Startup (Mango Salute)  
  • Virtual Teams
  • Culture Codex


As a startup co-founder at Mango Salute Shoshana thought she had found a home for all her skills as a team member. Growing from a team of two to creating a massive community. Shoshana stretching what she had learned about team dynamics in person to working with virtual teams. Seeking knowledge from those in the know and experimenting with communication systems.

After 5 years working with Artists, Designers, Coders, Writers and a whole slew of people from over 60+ countries and numbering over 600 people. The holes in the culture crumbled underfoot and whilst the team kept trying to fight it and realise their vision for the company, the avalanche had begun and nothing was going to stop it. (That’s the story of how we came about, so check the origin story page for more on this).


Shoshana has worked with startups in Australia, Israel, England & Germany – sometimes as a marketing/branding coach and other times working to streamline communication systems or resolve intercultural gaps.  Companies are never alike, and nor are their projects – these companies were diverse working with 3d mapping, e-commerce stores, music apps, educational apps and even a couple of brick and mortar businesses.


If anyone asks Shoshana what the best education a person can get is her answer is first – the experience of life and then secondly the education of a performer. As a performer you learn the skills of reading people, adapting from your own intentions, collaboration, the power of transmitting ideas and tossing them between yourselves on stage and the audience. Much of life can be understood with these elements.

When Shoshana was small, there was a huge emphasis on the arts. Performing was part of the culture of the community. Even though she had a voice of a crow, music, dance, acting and all the elements of performance were skills that were gained by being on stage, working on multiple projects and relying on teams.

The National Institute of Dramatic Arts (NIDA) in Sydney, Australia was her second home. When the possibility of being behind the acting arose, it was a better fit. Curating the elements that create atmosphere, and sensations that captivate audience members was a sort of magic that felt like home.

To date, Shoshana has performed or collaborated on well over 100+ performances, short films, or productions.